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Young Movers (4-7 years)


Our biggest and brightest kit for the most fun and energetic kids! This large activity kit brings play and imagination to gross motor skills making it enjoyable for the little ones. Go on a bear hunt while building shoulder and core strength, leap with the frogs as you increase leg strength and body awareness, hop on the bright sun flower and stimulate your senses with every movement.

Create opportunities for your children to Learn to move and in turn, you have opened their minds to be ready to learn so many other skills.

Activities Included in Kit – 7 x Activities plus Mindful Hand

  • 10 Arrows (5 Colours)
  • 2 Frogs, 5 Lilypads
  • Bear and 10 Paw Prints
  • 5 Crayons
  • Wall Push Ups (6 feet, 8 hands and words)
  • Sunflower Hop Scotch
  • 5 Senses Circles
  • 1 Mindful Hand
  • Complimentary Start & Finish Line stickers
  • Consult call for design support for your space and children
  • Installation guides (written) and video support for installation
  • Written information about each activity to help with understanding the benefits
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  • Stimulate sensory systems to improve alertness and muscle tone
  • Build strength and activate large muscle groups
  • Improve gross motor skills of jumping and hopping
  • Engage core muscles and build shoulder strength and stability to improve handwriting and fine motor skills
  • Develop motor planning skills
  • Recognition and use of left and right sides of their bodies
  • Bilateral Integration tasks
  • Improve Balance and co-ordination
  • Activities to teach grounding tasks as well as promote opportunity for expressive language.
  • Teaching Self Regulation activities through mindfulness breathing tasks.
  • Ideal for ages 4-7 years


Requires approx. 12 lineal meters for the stickers (with 1.5m along a wall) and allow up to 20 lineal meters of space for pause points between activities if cueing of groups of children

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