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Twisted Up


Challenge yourself and push your limits. Get your brain thinking and body moving along this fun pathway.


SIZE: 3.5m Long x 1m Wide
SET INCLUDES: 16 x Feet (8 left, 8 right), 9 x Hands (5 left, 4 right)

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This activity helps children to:

  • Develop motor planning skills by matching the complex patterns in front of them to the way they have to move their body.
  • Build leg strength and double foot jumping skills
  • Practise hopping on both legs
  • Single leg dynamic balance as you bend forwards to get your hands to the floor
  • Recognise their left and right sides
  • Vary the tasks complexity while learning by removing the hands in the challenge and adding speed as they become stronger and faster.

Designed by a Physiotherapist with experience working in Paediatrics.
Endorsed by Allied Health Team of Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists to optimise Multi-Sensory Learning Opportunities.

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