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Mindful Hand


In the fun of play and life, sometimes children become excited, unfocused and a little bit silly. They need help to calm and refocus their attention to a task. Teaching emotional resilience and self-regulation strategies from a young age will help with managing emotion as well as improving focus and attention as they grow and develop.


SIZE: 20cm Circle
SET INCLUDES: 1 x Mindful Hand

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This activity works to develop:

  • Strategies for Sensory and Emotional regulation
  • Opportunities for adults to help child learn through use of co-regulation strategies
  • A portable technique that can be used to coach, model, reinforce and support learning of self-regulation strategies
  • Builds Emotional Intelligence
  • Calming Regulatory effect through breathing and stillness
  • Improve focus and attention
  • Grounding activity to bring their attention into the present moment

Designed by a Physiotherapist with experience working in Paediatrics.
Endorsed by Allied Health Team of Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists to optimise Multi-Sensory Learning Opportunities.

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