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Dance Party


These fancy moves have taken the world by storm and the kids just love them!! So jump on board the dancing bandwagon and have some fun.


SIZE: 4 x 15cm Circles
SET INCLUDES: 4 x Dance Stickers

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This fun activity helps to develop:

  • Co-ordination and control
  • Complex motor patterns
  • Look, see, do learning patterns (read the words, interpret the instruction, plan the movement, do the action)
  • Rhythmic movements create calming regulatory effect
  • Opportunity to practice movement to a beat or music to improve timing and processing between auditory input and motor output.
  • Skills in multiple movement planes (frontal and sideways)
  • Crossing midline with arms and body
  • Dance skills so children can keep up with current trends
  • A chance to have a laugh and be silly

Designed by a Physiotherapist with experience working in Paediatrics.
Endorsed by Allied Health Team of Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists to optimise Multi-Sensory Learning Opportunities.

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