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Building Bodies & Brains

A fun and engaging sticker system that develops children’s fundamental movement skills, focus and attention, fitness and wellbeing.

Embrace Whole Body Learning through Movement Maze’s Active Ability Solution

fun, colourful and interactive

Floor Stickers

Individual Activities

Packaged Sets



Build Strength

Develop Muscles

Increase Focus & Attention

Improve Co-ordination & Control

Take Action and Create an Active Sensory Space for your Children

Creating JOY

Through Movement

We have created sticker pathways and activities with passion, knowledge and experience to help children grow, develop and learn.

Easy to Install

  • Indoor & outdoor options available
  • Australian designed & made for Australian conditions

Bright & Colourful

  • Designed specifically for children aged 2-12 years
  • Our floor stickers are fun, colourful and interactive
  • New designs to be released annually

Tested by Children

  • Schools
  • Therapy clinics
  • Daycares
  • Playgroup Centres
  • Airport Waiting Zones
  • Hospital Corridors

Online Training

  • We offer supported learning for staff
  • Online training packages available after purchase

Indoor Stickers

  • Lino, tiles, smooth polished concrete
  • Meet CSIRO non-slip rating standards
  • Hard wearing and removable
  • Last 18 months - 2 years with foot traffic

Outdoor Products

  • Smooth concrete, bricks, tiles
  • Withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Stick to concrete, bricks, and rough surfaces
  • Last 12 months

Who Is It For?

  • Children everywhere
  • Ideal for typically developing children to build strength, co-ordination, sensory regulation and motor planning

Special Needs

  • Brilliant movement opportunity for children with learning difficulties and disabilities

Help your Children Today by Installing Movement Maze

Contact us for advice on customising your Movement Maze to suit your students.

A Word

From Our Founder

” Thank you! Thank you for investing your time, energy and money into your children!!

I truly believe in the power of movement and hope to share my knowledge, experience, passion and excitement with you in creating a opportunities for children around australia.

I am passionate and excited to design this product and see my dreams of creating JOY through movement for all children come to life. “

Ellen Cowcill

Embrace Whole Body Learning through Movement Maze’s Active Ability Solution

Movement Maze Logo

Designed by a Physiotherapist with experience working with children and people with disabilities. Endorsed by Allied Health Team of Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists to optimize Multi-Sensory Learning Opportunities.

Ideal Uses




Therapy Clinics

Airport Waiting Zones

Hospital Corridors

Movement Maze Logo

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